SCDL provides flexibility to its students to appear in Internal Assignments from their home. After a login into the student centre for Symbiosys Centre for Distance Learning, every student has looked into the Exam Tab at least once. Under the exam tab is a sub category labelled assignments.

The Tab opens up to a page that shows all the subjects you have been enrolled into and have to give assignments.

It is preferable to give your assignments before your exam for a good practice.

As a distance learning Centre it gives enough flexibility to give your assignments at the comfort of your home if an internet facility is available.

All a student has to do is answer 30 questions in 40 minutes. The new minimum passing marks are 15/30. All these assignments have to be finished within the enrolment period f the institute.

Students have two free and two paid assignment attempts. If any student fails both his/her free attempts, they have to pay for the third and fourth attempt. The applicable fee has to be paid by a demand draft(DD) drawn in favour of “The Director, SCDL Pune” or paid in cash at the main Pune Campus counter.

If due to internet failure, or a system crash or any other personal reason, an assignment is left mid way, it is labelled as an “incomplete session”. The details of these incomplete sessions are stored in the SCDL servers and this session can be restarted from the un-attempted question, and student would be required to complete the assignment into the remaining time slot.

System Requirements

The technical system requirement is pretty basic:

  • 512 kbps internet speed.
  • Pentium IV processor or above.
  • Flash player 10 or above.
  • 1 Gb RAM.

Steps for the Assignments

  1. Open your list of subject and book an assignment.
  2. Select your subject:
  3. Start answering, the questions look like these:
  4. Get your score

An insight on the online market created by SCDL assignments

SCDL assignments provide flexibility to students to answer anywhere and anytime they are prepared. But, with this bane, comes a boon.

There is no actual check on the fact that the person who is answering the assignment is the required student or not. Henceforth, leaving a big loophole in the security of SCDL assignments and a bigger door in the educational market for various agencies to enter and reach out these students asking them money to complete their assignments for them.

Also, popularity of this market has made employers and all other organizations question the credibility of this diploma.

Distance learning students already miss out on gaining the “educational experience from the teachers” part of their degree/diploma and this adds as a black mark on symbiosys distance learning.

How do these websites work?

These websites have two different ways of working.

  1. Created as a student help website
    these websites provide sample assignments and help questionnaires to students and make it easier for them to get prepared rather than studying the whole book by traditional ways.
  2. Solving the SCDL assignments for you.

These websites don’t work in the open but through whatsapp groups. They ask for the student centre ID and password and solve them for you for nominal prices. They guarantee you great marks at a cost of no knowledge gained by the student itself. Thus wasting their hard earned money twice; Once, as the institutional fee and secondly to these agencies/websites.

Take from these websites

These websites are useful if used for student help and question samples only. They usually say that the questions given by them are solved assignments and a student can pass these assignments just reading through these questions but this is not true. This is a fraudulent statement just to increase the website traffic. Students always have to go through the books and study material issued to them before trying to conduct any exam or assignment no matter how easy or appealing it might look.

This not only makes you a “diploma holder” with a complete lack of knowledge, but a fool who wastes time, money and energy reaping no actual results.

Benefit to students from these assignments

As every coin has two sides, there are benefits for students from these assignments as well, some of them being listed here

  1. A mock preparation for the main exam
    these assignments are done by students in their most comfortable environment, and thus with a very cool mind. The exams conducted by Symbiosys centre for distance learning are in a very similar pattern to the assignments they conduct, thus these assignments are a mock practice to the final exam attempt, hence exam pattern does not take a student by surprise.
  1. Distribution of marks

Out of a 100 marks in a subject, 70 are given to the exam and 30 to the assignment. In case an exam paper does not go very well, the assignment marks provide a stability to the subject grade.

  1. An assignment can always be re-done
    SCDL offers 4 attempts on a subject assignment, 2 paid and 2 unpaid. Even if your first score is not up to the mark with the student, they can always re-take it.
  2. Know how prepared you are

The added benefit of an assignment is that it can tell you how well you know the subject. That is why it is always advised to take an assignment before an exam to fare well in the subject.

Question pattern of SCDL Assignments

Unlike the symbiosys exams, the SCDL assignments have no theoretical questions and no question choices. All the questions have to be answered.

The questions are usually multiple choice questions, with one question having four options. Some questions might have more than one option as an answer and the students will be provided with a “tick mark” bullet answer points.

The other category of questions are Match the following questions, where in front of each option given, is a drop down menu, where the student will have to select the desired option as an answer and click on the submit button.

A small example of a multiple choice SCDL assignment question from Business Law:

Q: Consumer has the following rights

  • To get the education of the availability of legal remedies
  • Seek re-addressal against unfair trade practices
  • To be informed about quality, quantity, potency, purity, standard and price of goods
  • All of the above
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